‘Run The Dishwasher Twice’ – A Powerful Lesson For Anyone Struggling With Mental Health


Danielle Wunker is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Supervisor that recently decided to share a story on Facebook that resonated with thousands of people who struggle with mental health. The story originally came from a woman named Katie Scott that answered a question on Quora that read: “Has a therapist ever told you something completely unexpected?”

Although it might sound like a strange solution, she wrote that her therapist suggested she ‘runs the dishwasher twic’. Yes, you read that right – and it turns out it’s helpful!

Since many people are struggling with mental health, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, we believe you might find the post helpful. It was shared by more than 230k people already, and we invite you to take a look at it below.

Anyone who has even had mental health problems or has been in an emotional place where even the most basic tasks seem overwhelming knows just how hard it is to keep up with your normal life. That’s the wisdom of this lesson, and we hope you’ll appreciate it.
Although dishes might seem like the most minor detail of your life, it’s in the details that can make or break you.