Runner Who Slapped Female Reporter On Her Bum On Live TV Is A Youth Minister


A runner that was running a 10K race recently has been banned from future races after he slapped a female reporter as she was doing a live news report near the race track. To add to that, the man has been identified to be a youth minister from Savannah, Georgia.

The video of the incident was viewed by hundreds of thousands of people, and it became even more popular after Alex Bozarjian shared it and called for better treatment of women.

The Savannah Sports Council identified the man the next day and banned him from any future races.

The man was identified as the 42-year-old Tommy Callaway, a youth minister at Pittman Park UMC and a boy scout leader.

His lawyer has since described him as “a loving husband and father” who didn’t intend to hurt anyone with his actions. Yeah, right.