Samuel L. Jackson Has A Few Words For For: “Stay The F. At Home!”


Samuel L. Jackson joined last night’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live! from his home theater, and he read us a nice little bedtime story.
The Pulp Fiction actor had something very important to say to anyone who isn’t doing social distancing properly, and he edited his own version of the popular children’s book “Go the f. to Sleep”.

In his typical style, of course, Jackson stressed how important social distancing is with a book called “Stay the F. Home”.

He reads that corona is spreading, and this s. is no joke, so we should all stay the f. home. The only way we can fight it is by staying the f. at home.

Jackson’s “book” urges people to avoid going to the casino and seeing their friends, and thanks to everyone for doing our part to “flatten the curve”.
The actor told Kimmel that the idea to do this “book” actually came from the original book’s author, Adam Mansbach. The writer reached out to Jackson with the new version, and he thought that it would be the perfect time to bring it back.

This book might be the wake-up call some people still need right now, and it’s presented by non-other than the baddest m-f out there, Samuel L. Jackson: