School Publishes Photo Without Teen With Down Syndrome, Even Though She Was In Her Yearbook Photo


Morgyn Arnold is a 14-year-old teenager with Down syndrome that was left heartbroken after she was excluded from her cheerleading team’s yearbook photo. The girl posed for the photos with the squad at her school Shoreline Junior High School in Layton, Utah. However, she later learned that the school chose a photo without her for publication in the school’s yearbook.

Jordyn Poll, Arnold’s older sister, decided to call out the school in a powerful and lengthy Facebook post in which she expressed her disappointment in the school and the people that chose to publish the photo without Arnold.

As Jordyn wrote in her post, Arnold served as the cheerleader team’s manager, and she spent hours learning the dances, showing up to games, and cheering on her school, but she was left out of the official yearbook snap.

And this is the photo that was chosen for the yearbook:

The school’s administration has since responded, saying that the selection of the photo without Arnold was a mistake, and they added that they’re looking at what has occured and why it occured.


‘Apologies have been made to the family and we sincerely apologize to others impacted by this error. We will continue to address it with the parents of the student. We will continue to look at our processes to ensure this does not happen again.’ – they added in a Facebook post.

Jordyn claims, however, that this is not the first time her sister has been excluded, as this is the second time in three years that her sister has been left out of the yearbook.

‘We contacted the school administration this year, and the answer we got was as ignorant as the photo. To the Shoreline Junior administrator who blatantly said they didn’t know what we were expecting of them & there was nothing they could do, I hope you can take this away – you can be better and I expect you to be better.’ – she further added.

Source: Daily Mail