Science Says Men Don’t Mature Until They’re Over 40


We have all heard people saying that men never grow up, and they continue to behave like children even in adulthood. Many people also believe that men get more mature only when they get in a relationship, so scientists wanted to confirm if this was true or not.

A study conducted by the University of Oxford explained that the maturation of the human brain happens because of the prolonged development of functional and structural network properties which extends into adulthood.
The research was aiming to discover which features transform during maturation, and which ones stay the same, and they examined the brains of 121 people between the ages of 4 and 40. The researchers also tracked the changes in the different functions while taking into account the gender of the participants.

The results of the study revealed that even though the brains of both men and women end up developing the same capabilities to operate in their daily lives, men very often show a delay in the prolonged development of functional networks when compared to women.
Women, on the other hand, show a more premature deterioration of these networks, and that’s why it is said that women mature earlier in life than men.


To add to that, more data has shown that the female brain works more efficiently.
Eduardo Calixto is a professor of physiology and pharmacology on the Faculty of Medicine at UNAM, and he explained that even though the brains of men are larger when compared to those of women, the female brain has greater efficiency, meaning that it shows better memory, more neural connections, and a more detailed perception of color and flavor.