Scotland Makes History As First Country In The World To Make Period Products Free


According to a recent study conducted in the U.K., more than 15 percent of girls have struggled to afford sanitary products, and 19 percent have changed to a less suitable product due to cost. To add to that, there’s still the problem of period stigma, as a recent study showed that 74 percent of 14-to-21-year-old girls in the U.K. felt embarrassed buying period products.

This is the reason why the Scottish Parliament will pass the law that would make sanitary products freely available, and it will give “anyone who needs them” access to products with “reasonably privacy” and “easily”. This would make it the first country in the world to do so, and it will be a landmark event in the movement to make menstrual hygiene a basic human right.

Scottish lawmaker Monica Lennon proposed the Period Products Scotland Bill, and she said that these are not luxury items, and they are indeed essential. No one in Scotland should have to go without period products, and she added that the bill was about “period dignity”.

Scotland became the first country in the world to make sanitary products free in all schools, colleges, and universities, and Scotland’s communities secretary, Aileen Campbell, said that they will continue their world-leading action promoting wider period dignity through a certification scheme to encourage organizations to provide free products.

Period products are still being a subject to tax in the U.K., even though former PM David Cameron was looking to remove the tax.