Sexist Troll Says Women Need To Make Husband And Children “A Mission In Their Lives”


Twitter misogynists and trolls have come up with a “genius” plan to promote their crappy YouTube channels and gain more followers.
They first tweet something extremely sexist and then wait for people on Twitter to put them in their place, hoping to get a few followers along the way.
One of these self-proclaimed “patriarchs” is Noah Revoy, and he thinks that the problem in this world are women.

He recently posted a stock image of a pregnant woman and three children touching her stomach, and he captioned it with “Women need the boundaries of the Patriarchy and a mission in life which is usually a husband, children and home. Absent such structure they malfunction and destroy civilizations.”
The photo has since been removed from his initial tweet in a response to reports from the copyright holder.


Anyway, the ridiculousness of Revoy’s statement and his “photo evidence” of motherhood’s benefits got him a lot of replies:

It’s very obvious that he tried to get the attention of people by writing a horrible troll caption, and he succeeded.
People just couldn’t resist the ridiculousness of his statement and his “photo evidence” of motherhood, and the replies were pure gold:

Expectedly, Revoy just wanted to promote his YouTube videos and get more views.