Single Mom Of Twins Graduates With TWO Degrees, She Returned To School One Week After C-Section


Montoya Major is a 23-year-old single mom who is set to graduate with two degrees in the coming weeks after giving birth to twins in the middle of her studies.

Montoya will graduate from Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, on August 16 with a master’s in health science and a bachelor’s degree in cardiovascular sonography.

Even though graduating with two degrees is astonishing by itself, it’s even more impressive because Montoya managed to do it while taking care of her one-year-old twin daughters.

Montoya shared her accomplishments in a lengthy Facebook post, where she also confessed that she almost gave up after she discovered that she was pregnant, just five months after starting at Nova Southeastern.

Check out what the single mom-of-two wrote:

Montoya told Fox News that her father encouraged her the most throughout this entire journey, although he was not physically there. They have been inseparable ever since her mother left this world, and he always encouraged her that it would be worth in the end whenever she had an episode of wanting to quit school.

She now indents to move back to Mobile, Alabama, and be closer to her family while she raises her two daughters and looks for a job.