Society Has Truly Ridiculous Expectations for Working Mothers, and This Mom’s FB Rant Nails It


As we’ve said many times, moms are the real-life superheroes, because they are expected to “have it all” and to keep everything together while parenting, working, and managing to make time for themselves.

However, society has put so much unnecessary pressure on mothers, and it’s impossible to try and keep up with everyone else’s standards of the “ideal” parent.
I mean, just take it from this mom who decided to share her opinion about all of society’s ridiculous expectations for working mothers, and you’ll see what I’m talking about.


Sarah Buckley Friedberg is tired of the social pressure put on mothers to pretend that motherhood is a breeze, and she laid out all of the crazy expectations society has put on American mothers in her Facebook post:

And she’s damn right! What do you think about her post? Tell us in the comments!