Someone Tried To Scam A Woman Who Knows Her Law, Got A Lesson Of A Lifetime


People who pose as fake IRS representatives and try to scam unsuspecting people deserve your ire. It takes a particular kind of jerk to combine the IRS, telemarketing, and thievery into one occupation. You might have received a phone call from one of these scammers. Hopefully, you just hung up and didn’t give them any money.

Hadeel al-Massari of Seattle, Washington had different plans. She had quite the conversation with her would-be-scammer and published it all on Twitter.

Well, that might have been a mistake—those mattresses are so comfortable! She clearly already has one, or maybe she’s more of a Leesa person? Who knows. At any rate, the scammer seemed to have no interest in al-Massari’s quality of sleep, which just reinforces what an inconsiderate jerk they are.

Naturally, people saw al-Massari as a hero, doing what all of us secretly want to do when we get one of these phone calls.