They Spoiled Her Childhood & Stole Our Life From Us


Author: Batool

I am a female medical student graduate, I am 25 years old, I studied abroad for 6 years between 2010 – 2016 while none of my relatives knew about that since in my country and society girls are not permitted to travel abroad alone.

I briefly returned home and finally ran away from my country in 2016, after my dad tried to force me to marry my cousin who is married to another cousin of mine who he has a child with.   They tried to do this since they claim that I am a spoiled girl because I removed my Hijab and raised my voice, vocalized my opinion and rejected their rules.  They said I don’t deserve to marry anyone and I made my dad a disrespectful father, they called me all kinds of bad names because I tried to live with freedom.

I thought if I go back to my country I can get my license exam and start working so I started planning my future and moved back home in 2016.  My cousin who knew that I studied abroad followed me to my training center and beat me several times in front of my colleagues.  I was so ashamed to go back to the training center, I decided to start again and complained to the police but no one cared – it’s a tribe issue and even the police can’t stop it.

My mom helped me get out of the country, I left for Korea where I faced various issues while applying to the Government asking for protection.  An officer suggested that I marry a Korean man and get a passport, I was shocked from the way they spoke to me and fled to Turkey where I applied to the UNCHR, even Turkey is not safe for me,  I worry all the time that someone might recognize me here and know my family and that I’m wanted by my tribe in Iraq.

I heard from my mom that I have relatives who live here in Turkey, I wear a mask every time I go outside and I live in terror.  My mom sent my younger sister with me so I can help her out.  She sufferers from PTSD since 2006 and her condition became worse, she attempted suicide many times, mostly due to my dad’s mistreatment, she has many scars and marks on her body caused by knives and other sharp objects (I apologise for the harsh images), she is only 18 years old and has suffered a lot.  She is such a positive child, they spoiled her childhood and stole our life from us.  I assumed that if I take her to Turkey we can get some help from the UNCHR or at least find someone who will listen to us.

This is not the full story, it’s just a small part of it, some images I can’t share…. I need someone who will listen to me, I need some voices to help us, we DO NOT need money, we need people who will love us and stand by our side and help us raise our voices to find a better shelter.  Thank you for sharing our story Women’s Rights News.