Statue Of ‘Homeless Jesus’ On A Park Sparks Backlash On Social Media


A church in Cleveland sparked a backlash from social media users after it installed a bronze statue of Jesus sleeping on a park bench. Yes, you read that right.

The statue is located at St. Barnabas Vay Village Episcopal Church, and a spectator even called the police to report a sleeping homeless person after he mistook the statue.

The idea of a ‘Homeless Jesus’ statue was first introduced at the University of Toronto in 2013, and it has since appeared at other locations around the world as well.

The initial statue that depicts the Son of God wrapped in a blanket, laying on a bench, was created by Canadian sculptor Timothy Schmalz.
The creation intended to raise awareness and dignify homelessness around the world.

The statue was meant to invoke contemplation from passersby, but it also sparked confusion among many.

As reported by a priest at St. Barnabas Church, someone called the police to report a homeless man sleeping on a park bench just twenty minutes after it was installed.

The statue received a backlash from internet users, as some people thought that it was exploitative of Jesus Christs’ preaching.