Stepmom Tells Pregnant Stepdaughter That She’ll Be a ‘Terrible Mom’ And Wants To Name The Baby


To have a healthy relationship with someone – no matter who it is – you both need to have some type of boundaries. Yes, this is the case even when it comes to your family. You must point out what kind of behavior is acceptable, and what isn’t. And when someone crosses that line, it’s on them – not you.

Well, I guess a stepmom telling her pregnant step-daughter that she’s going to be a terrible mother crosses some boundaries.

Case in point, one young mother took it to the popular Am I The A-hole subreddit to share how awfully she was treated by her stepmother once she found out that she was pregnant, and how it all went downhill when the new mom refused to name the baby what the stepmother wanted. Oh my…

The OP shared the family drama and wanted to know if she did anything wrong, and we’ll let you check out the full story before you make a judgment.

After the story went viral, the OP shared more details about the situation:

Expectedly, almost everyone voted that the woman is Not The A-hole here, and that she did nothing wrong. Her stepmother, on the other hand, is one massive a-hole that probably doesn’t even deserve to see the baby (but we’ll leave that to the new mom to decide, of course).

Source: Bored Panda