Strangers Tell Future Bride She Has No Self Respect And Should Be Embarrassed For Proposing To Her Partner


Few days ago a video from Sukhmin Garcha, 27, proposing to her boyfriend made the round on the internet mostly because it was with a twist on typical gender roles. To her surprise she faced a lot of backlash from other women that told her she has no self respect and should feel embarrassed.

In fact some of the comments were very mean, people asked her if her knee is hurting and that they would rather die than propose to a man.

‘I received plenty of negative comments. A lot of them were ‘ I would rather die’ or ‘ she has no self-respect, ‘ He doesn’t look happy’ and the list goes on.

‘I was always open to proposing. I was pretty nervous about it at first. I wanted to find the right moment to do it”, Sukhmin said.


But, who cares what other people think, right? Watching the video her boyfriend had the biggest smile, her mom was really happy and proud and also all of her family and close friends really loved it. Just because very few women decide to make the first step and propose, doesn’t make it wrong.

The thing that has surprised her the most was the fact that all the backlash and negative comments came from other women, while men showed support.

We share Sukhmin’s opinion that our society needs to brake these outdated gender roles, especially today when there is a lot of negativity going around and all of us could use some love and kindness.