Student Says Heroic Teacher Died Saving Her Life and Those of Others During Florida School Shooting


‘I am alive today because of him.’

A teacher who died trying to protect students was among the 17 people killed at a Florida school shooting, a survivor has said.

Geography instructor Scott Beigel had unlocked the door to his classroom to try and let in students who were fleeing from a rampaging gunman, according to a student, but was shot down before he could close and re-lock the door.

As students and staff at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School have begun processing the brutal aftermath, many are hailing Mr Beigel’s sacrifice.

“Mr Beigel was my hero and he still will forever be my hero. I will never forget the actions that he took for me and for fellow students in the classroom,” student Kelsey Friend told CNN as she disintegrated into tears.

Ms Friend said she was “100 per cent certain” that the teacher saved her life.

“If his family is watching this,” Ms Friend said, “please know that your son or brother was an amazing person and I am alive today because of him”.

Powerful tributes flowed from people who had attended or worked at a summer camp where Mr Beigel worked as a counselor