Students Makes Face Masks For Deaf People And Sends Them Out For Free


The whole western world is facing a serious shortage of PPE and essential medical supplies at the moment, and the lack of face masks has prompted thousands of people to simply make their own.

Ashley Lawrence is a college student that noticed one particular shortage: no one is making masks for the deaf and hard of hearing people. The numbers of COVID-19 cases are constantly on the rise in the world, and it’s of utter importance for people to have the essential medical items. So, Ashley decided to join the cause by making her own masks for the deaf community.

The 21-year-old Ashley is currently in self-isolation, and she studies deaf education at Eastern Kentucky University. She got the idea for her project after she realized that the supply of masks for deaf people is extremely limited.

Ashley decided to post her creation on Facebook, and she soon realized that the demand for these sorts of masks was huge. She got quite a few orders from people across the U.S., and she now makes as many of them as she is capable of. She sends the masks to people in need for free, and she’s planning to give away free patterns and tutorials so people can make their own. She also created a GoFundMe campaign to keep her cause going, and you can help here.