Supermarket Slammed By Moms For Selling Tiny Denim Miniskirts For Babies


Mothers have been shocked and went out after a supermarket that decided to sell denim miniskirts for babies.

The skirts start from “newborn” age, and they are in the popular Nutmeg clothing range at Morrisons.

Parents have since deemed the new items as “disgusting” and said that it would be very uncomfortable for a newborn to be dressed in one of those.

Mom Michelle Potts shared photos of the skirts she had seen for sale, and wrote that she can’t believe she saw them in Morrisons.
According to her, they’re uncomfortable and inappropriate, and no one would put a newborn baby in a denim mini skirt.

And yet another mom added that she’s disgusted with the miniskirts, and she wouldn’t put any child in them.
According to her, they’re far too short, and she thinks they’re too uncomfortable for a baby.

Denim skirts are uncomfortable for an adult, so she wrote that she can see the same with these.

However, not everyone was against the skirts.
Many people commented on Michelle’s original Facebook post that they believe the skirts would look fine with tights in winter, or with frilly pants in summer.

A spokesperson for Morrisons has since said that their skirts can be paired with a number of other items they sell, including tights and leggings.

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