Teacher Of The Year Explains Why He Leaves School In Eye-Opening Speech


There are many, many disagreements in modern America, but among all of them, there are a few things we can all agree on. One of them is that we must improve our public education system – with proper, modern, well-thought reforms. That includes doing our best as a country to retain good teachers, reduce classroom size, try to educate and hire more great teachers, pay them a decent salary, etc.

And while all of these issues are being debated by politicians and activists, the voice of teachers remains unheard and ignored.

This is exactly why a short video testimony from a good teacher in Gwinnett County, Atlanta, went viral. In the video, he made great points about all the issues in the US public education system. Moreover, he was just named teacher of the year, and he used the opportunity to announce that he will be leaving the school district.

The video was initially shared by Fox5 Atlanta, and in it, Lee Allan, Gwinnett County Public Schools Teacher of the Year, spoke about the problems in the county’s school system.
Although his comments are specific to Gwinnett County, they translate in every other state and school – and the problems have become even more challenging as students have gotten back to in-person learning.


Without further ado, we’ll let you check out the video for yourself below:

In his speech, he points out all the problems he sees in the classroom and the public education system, and it’s not about the money. He clearly said that he’s leaving money on the table simply because he cannot work in that environment.

Instead of only listing complaints, he also offered ideas for improvement, and concluded with:

“We all want the same thing and we cannot accomplish this without supporting one another,”

The video has since been viewed more than 400k times, and it’s clear that his remarks resonated with many others, not just inside his school district.

Source: Upworthy