Teacher Stuns Her Students By Giving Anatomy Lesson In Full-Body Suit


Veronica Duque is a 43-year-old woman that absolutely loves her job. She’s that one teacher that cares more than the others, that always tries to make it interesting for the students, and she recently decided to engage them on a level never seen before.
She gave her students a class on anatomy in a suit that mapped out the human body, and it looks awesome!

The teacher told Bored Panda that she has been teaching natural and social science, art, English, and Spanish for 15 years. She currently teaches third grade, and she constantly looks for creative ideas and how to make the lessons more interesting. After surfing the internet one day she saw an ad for a swimsuit similar to her human anatomy suit. She knows how hard it is for students to visualize the positions of parts in the body, so it was worth giving it a try.

The photos surfaced the internet after her husband Michael tweeted out pics from the lesson. Veronica became an internet sensation overnight.
Veronica is far from done, though, and she said that she decided long ago to use disguises for history lessons. She also uses cardboard crowns for her students to learn grammatical categories, and she would like the society to stop considering teachers to be lazy, bureaucratic public servants, because they’re certainly not!

Many people mentioned Slim Goodbody when they saw her suit, and hundreds of them praised Veronica for her dedication.