Teen Gets Detention For ‘Excessive Midriff’ So Friend Posts The Outfit Online And Fires Back


What left Hailey and her friend Emily LaCerra so shocked was the fact that Hailey was wearing jeans and a sweater. Emily decided to take pictures of Hailey’s outfit and post them on Twitter. She also made sure to tag the school’s active account.

Emily LaCerra, a student at Loyalsock Township High School, took a photo of her friend Hailey Brown’s outfit, which Brown was given detention for. Brown was told her outfit had “excessive midriff” (???) and was told her cleavage was exposed (although judging by the photos posted, it wasn’t).

The news was particularly shocking for students because the school just addressed dress code shaming

“Hailey came into lunch very upset on Thursday after being told she needed to come to the assistant principal’s office after lunch during the time she would be taking a psychology exam,” LaCerra told Storyful. “She asked our assistant principal to talk to her about this, and called her over to our table. This conversation included accusations that male students had reported seeing her breasts, and that other teachers had said her outfit was inappropriate.”

“We’ve been fighting our school so hard on these instances in hope that one day even after we’ve graduated girls will be able to come to school and not fear how teachers and students look at them, or if they will miss out on instruction time for their bodies.”

People chimed in with their support of both LaCerra and Brown.

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