Teen With Anti-vaxx Parents Asks How to Get Vaccinated


Doctors are fighting a recent measles outbreak in Oregon and Portland– a disease that can be vaccinated against.

The spread of the illness has been linked to anti-vaxxers.

In light of the outbreak, author Andrea Philips pointed the discussion over vaccinations on Reddit – where, she reminds people, teenagers go to ask about how they can get vaccinated without their parents’ consent. She wrote:

One teenager posted in the subreddit r/legaladvice, where he asked people what he can do to get vaccinated without getting consent.

The unnamed 15-year-old asked Reddit users the following:

I am writing because I am the 15-year-old son of an anti-vaccine parent. I have spent the last 4 years trying to convince my mother that vaccines are safe. I haven’t succeeded. So instead I am trying to research how to be vaccinated without my mother’s consent.

The Minnesota teen researched a number of statutes regarding health and needed some help clarifying them.

People recommended a few things he could do, including:

  1. Talking to a nurse about his concerns
  2. Talking to a teacher
  3.  Doing some more research on states and age of consent