Teenage Woman Shares 12 Safety Tips Every Woman Should Follow


According to recent studies, more than 65 percent of women have experienced at least some form of street harassment in their lifetime.

As sad as it is, we still live in a world where women have to be very careful, which is why it’s extremely important to be constantly on the lookout and be reminded on how we can stay safe.

Spencer Barbosa is an 18-year-old TikTok user from Canada that recently shared a series of videos in which she shared 12 tips on how women can be kept safe. Some of her ideas are very clever, and we invite you to check them out for yourself below.


I am going to create a pt 2 with more safety tips❤️ pls stay safe always! #positivity #confidence #selflove #sextrafficawareness #safetytipsforwomen

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it’s so sad that i even have to make this😔 #safety #personalsafety #lifesaving #advice #female

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the world can be scary pls b safe🥺ily🥺 #personalsafety #selfdefence #lifesaving #safety

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Source: Upworthy