Teenager Kicked Out Of Shopping Centre Because Her ‘Shorts Were Too Short’


“Apparently grown men couldn’t contain themselves so I get kicked out.”

Well, according to one shopping mall in Alabama, dressing for the weather is ‘inappropriate’ and will get you kicked out.

That’s what reportedly happened to 19-year-old Gabrielle Gibson in Bellair mall, Mobile, Alabama on August 1st, when she dared to enter the shops in some short denim shorts and a multi-coloured long-sleeved top.

Taking to Facebook after the ordeal in a now viral post, she explained what allegedly happened to her:

I was literally harassed and kicked out of the Bellair mall in Mobile, AL today because of what I’m wearing.

Apparently grown men couldn’t contain themselves so I get kicked out.

Security officer J. Mathis initiated that he was looking at my a** cheeks and it was a problem.

Don’t look at my a** then theres a thought?

They went as far as to threaten to call a police officer. From what I seen today everyone had short shorties on.

I mean come on its August and 100° outside.

I don’t know why i was pinpointed. Im just disgusted with the behaviour of all these people

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