LGBTQ+ Teens Use Jason Derulo’s Song To Come Out To Their Loved Ones


Jason Derulo released his hit son ‘Get Ugly’ back in 2015, but little did he know back at the time that queer teens would be using it to come out to their friends and family six years later. And yet, the song has hit the top spots in charts once again after it regained popularity on TikTok for one reason.

As most LGBTQ+ people would tell you, coming out to your friends and family is one of the most nerve-wracking experiences for every individual, so teens have found a new and innovative way to come out to their loved ones. They’ve been using the lyrics of Jason Derulo’s song ‘Get Ugly’, which removes some of the heavy lifting that comes with coming out of the closet.


Although we can’t tell for sure who started the trend, it’s fun, innovative, and most definitely a great way for queer teens to come out to their loved ones in a way that won’t leave them devastated.

Most of the teens, though, have been met with overwhelming love and acceptance for their loved ones, which makes the videos even more beautiful! We invite you to check out a compilation of some of the most heartwarming ‘Get Ugly’ coming out videos below!

Source: Upworthy