This Tennessee Mom Was Shamed For Breastfeeding In The Most Ironic Place Ever


Wittney Hope, from Tennessee, was shopping at American chain Dillard’s in her hometown of Chattanooga when her daughter needed to be fed.

After being told by a staff member that she could breastfeed in a secluded part of the store, Ms Hope was then instructed that she had to go to the bathroom instead.

As she left, she spotted a large poster of a woman in a bra advertising lingerie.

Furious, she decided to feed her child in front of the poster and snapped a picture to show the irony of being told to go to the bathroom when advertising in the store showed a woman’s breasts.

After making a formal complaint to the store manager, the mother headed home and posted the photo to the Dillard’s Facebook page with a long post about what happened.

‘I mean seriously the lady’s face is not even in this,’ Ms Hope wrote. ‘Why is it acceptable for a giant picture of BOOBS to be on the wall but I can not feed my child?’

Hope’s post resonated with a number of people on social media, including many fellow mothers, who commented on the post to support her.
‘Can we all meet up at a specific time and just feed our babies in front of this lady?’ Keshia McGlone Peterson asked. ‘If my kids have to walk past half naked women every time I walk into that mall, then I can feed my baby.’

Dillard’s responded to Ms Hope’s post, commenting that they support mothers who are breastfeeding.

‘We respect the right of mothers to nurse their children wherever they feel comfortable in doing so,’ the store said.

‘Upon becoming aware of this situation, our store manager immediately reached out to our customer and apologized. Our associates have been reminded of our breastfeeding policy.’