Tess Holiday’s Cosmo Cover Slammed For “Promoting Obesity”


Tess Holiday is one of the most well-known plus-size models in the industry, and she promotes body positivity for bigger women.
The mother of two has gained a huge following of over 1.9m Instagram followers, and she has been praised for reminding plus-size women that they too are beautiful.

Holiday landed her first Cosmopolitan Magazine cover recently, and she shared the cover photo all over social media, thanking Cosmo UK and her fans for the opportunity to promote body positivity for women of all shapes and sizes.

However, even though most of Holiday’s fans adore her and appreciate her confidence, honesty, and her ability to change the perspective of many people, especially in the fashion industry, there were people that were not as supportive.
Many people questioned the choice of putting a plus-size model on a cover and they believe that she is “promoting obesity”, so they took it to social media to comment on her BMI, her weight, and even her decision to promote an “unhealthy lifestyle”.

Some people feel like they can say anything about a person they don’t even know, and some of the comments have been just nasty.

Tess Holiday hasn’t responded to any of the accusations that she’s a bad influence on women and that the cover was a bad decision, but, seeing her other posts, it seems like she doesn’t care about any of that and she continues to enjoy her life and promote body positivity for every body shape and size.