The Internet Is Confused By Laura Ingraham’s Bizarre “Pajama Boy” Rant About Men’s Fashion


Fox News host Laura Ingraham has gone on yet another long rant about the so-called “war on men” in modern America.
Expectedly, most of her rant was the same rhetoric as always, but one part made people scratch their heads.
She said that Hollywood’s been pushing the skinny jeans crop-top pajama boy version of masculinity on us for years, so we’ve gotten kind of used to it.

Errm, what?

What’s a “pajama boy”? Anyone?

Is there a new trend where men wear pajamas to work that I don’t know about? Or is is the whole idea that pajamas make you a “weak little ladyboy”?

Do the rough-and-tough Republican men only sleep naked because “jammies are for p….” or something?

Ingraham also saved time to misrepresent the American Psychological Association’s 2018 “Guidelines for Psychological Practice for Boys and Men” to have “trashed traditional masculinity” and to talk about Gilette’s ad from 9 months ago.

Check out the rant for yourself below:

Expectedly, Ingraham’s bizarre “Pajama Boy” remarks got the internet like “Whaaat?”