This 32-Year-Old Mom Shared the Most Empowering Video After Being Diagnosed With Cancer


Let This Viral Video Be A Reminder, Moms — Your Health Matters Too

Jennifer Waller, 32 of Clifton, went for a colonoscopy after experiencing vague abdominal symptoms and weight loss, she explained in a recent video. When the mom of two woke up hours later, the doctor told her she had a large tumor in her colon.

“I made this video because here in the United State you don’t get screened until you’re 50 years old,” Waller said. “According to my biopsy, I’d be dead.”

More than $5,500 had been raised on a GoFundMe page for Waller as of Monday evening.

“I can’t have cancer I’m a nurse I take care of people,” Waller said in the video. “And yet here I am saying the word that makes me so nauseous… but it is what it is.”

Anger, sadness and even guilt were among the many complicated emotions that Waller experienced following her diagnosis, she said. She realized that although there were many things she couldn’t control, the one she could was her attitude.