This Is “Muscle Barbie”, The 23-Year-Old Who Can Deadlift 400lbs


Julia Vins, also known as the “Muscle Barbie”, is a 23-year-old woman from Russia who has gained thousands of fans on social media thanks to her dedication to bodybuilding and powerlifting.

She told that people call her the “muscle Barbie”, and she likes the comparison.

She thinks people compare her to Barbie because she has big, beautiful eyes and she wears make-up, but at the same time she’s very strong, and she can deadlift 180kg in tr aining (400lbs).


She says that she works out for herself only, and no one else, and a work-out is not just a hobby for her, but a part of her life.

People compared Vins to Barbie throughout her childhood because her facial features make her “look like a doll”. However, when she was 15 she decided that she needed to become stronger, physically and mentally, and even though nobody believed that she could become a bodybuilder, she was determined to achieve her dream.

She says that she hasn’t missed a workout in 3 years. We would like to wish good luck to Julia Vins and we hope she will achieve her dream.