This Man Witnessed A First Date At A Restaurant And The Story Is Adorable


The former Labour press officer revealed how he saw a “young couple” sitting at the table next to him in what appeared to be their first dinner date.

“He was insistent that she could have ‘whatever she liked and he was paying,’” but when the menu arrived, “her smiling face turned very serious.”

Tim was paying more attention to the pair than he was to his own meal. “I was cheering him on and she was trying so hard for the meal not to cost too much.”

And then the waiter came to the table with another minefield the loved-up pair were going to have to navigate: the wine list.

Following a bit of back and forth, the young lady eventually suggesting skipping the wine as the water was “lovely”, to which the man responded, “So are you.”

Tim wanted to know why the waiter treated the young pair. He responded:
We’ve all been that young man.