This New Mom’s Husband Asked Her Why She’s So Cranky In The Mornings, And Her Response Was Perfect


Mattea Goff’s husband Kris couldn’t understand why she was always exhausted in the morning. After all, they’re in this together, right? Making sure Kris gets it, Mattea decided to illustrate her explanation.

“My husband is a fantastic guy, but sometimes if you haven’t lived something, you don’t understand it,” Goff told BuzzFeed. “I’ve given [him] drawings before, but this particular set of drawings came from my lack of sleep and my desire to get my point across.”

Goff posted this series of drawings on Facebook:

The drawings were undeniably relatable for many families, as the post has been shared over 200,000 times. Goff told Scary Mommy, “The response has been amazing and almost 100% positive. It’s fantastic how much support and encouragement has surrounded this thing. I never, ever expected it to get this much love.”

Goff has also started her own Facebook page for more cartoons called, “STICK with me–Home of #UselessNipples.” She described her goals for her art further, saying, “One thing that’s really resonated with me, I’ve received messages from moms all over the world at this point and I think it’s amazing how everyone’s culture and situation can be completely different but certain truths just penetrate all of that and in the end we’re all just moms trying to do the best we can for our families. It’s beautiful.”