This Tweet Explains Why Dating is So Hard for Bisexual Women


In case you haven’t heard, dating is complicated.

Twitter user @gilltheamazon wrote: “As a bisexual woman, I still cannot tell if another woman is flirting with me or just being nice, on that same note I have no idea how to convey to a woman I’m not just being nice, I’m flirting with you.”

“Like yes I think you’re pretty and your shoes are hot but also kiss me?

She adds that this is something that’s clearer cut in heterosexual interactions.

I will literally only say this once more: women are confused because it is our CULTURE to compliment each other in bars, at parties literally everywhere. We are KIND to each other. Men don’t compliment my earrings just for funzies. This tweet was not for men to claim. Bye.”

Her sentiments are relatable