Thousands Of People In Poland Block Roads Following Total-Ban On Abortion Ruling


Following Polish court’s near total ban on abortions, thousands of people have been protesting across the country, and they have blocked numerous roads across the European republic.

They also blocked the main intersections in the capital Warsaw, and stopped all cars and trams for more than an hour. The protesters carried signs with slogans like ‘I wish I could abort my government’ and similar statements.

Although the near-total ban is unseen in modern Europe, the protests are still considered rather unusual by experts in a country where the Roman Catholic Church has great influence.

The protests take place after a rulling by Poland’s Constitutional Court that abortions are illegal, even in cases of fetal defects. What it means is that abortion is only valid in extreme cases.

More than 50 cities across the country were blocked on Monday, and protesters disrupted church services and sprayed graffiti on the walls of Warsaw churches.