Sexually Threatening Catcalls


Author (and photo credit): Sophie Sandberg



Photo Credit: Sophie Sandberg – Catcalls of NYC

These comments are aggressive violations of our bodies. They provoke fear and powerlessness. I’m disgusted by how often men find it acceptable to make these vulgar comments.

“Nothing a woman wants more than a dick pic from a stranger!”

“I’m already feeling terrible about all the catcalling in NYC (just moved in July!) A couple weeks ago during rush hour a group of older men were looking me up and down making whooping noises and one said to his friend ‘Take her home!! Take that shit home!!’ And that’s just one of many comments during the past month.”

“The guy yells: I’m going to come in your mouth *gets closer* still yelling: every last drops *gets even closer* whispers: and you’re going to like it”

“He says ‘oh my god, BABY!’ and he comes at me for a hug blocking the sidewalk”

“A large man walked up to me, and I saw that he was saying something to me, but I couldn’t hear him. Did he need directions? I took out my headphones to hear what he was saying. He walked up to me, until there was a half-foot of space between us. ‘Are you gonna take care of me?’ He said.
I didn’t fully understand what was happening, but he repeated himself to make sure he was heard. ‘I said, are you gonna take care of me?’
He then started rubbing himself while repeating that question over and over. I just stood there, frozen, having absolutely no idea what I should do in this situation.”

“A few weeks ago a man told me that ‘you’re way too sexy to be walking alone’ I don’t even want to know what he would have done to me if it was nighttime.”


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