Toddler Best Friends’ Adorable Hug After 2 Days Apart Is Everything You Need To See Today


Modern life have become so busy that people sometimes seem to forget about the people closest to them.
When was the last time you saw your best friend? I know that I haven’t seen mine for 3 months, even though we communicate on social media almost every day.

However, children are always honest about their feelings, and they do things as their heart tells them. A recent video of two best friends running towards each other and hugging it out is the cutest thing you will see today.
The video captured the hearts of the internet because of just how genuine the 2-year-olds’ love for each other is, and we believe your heart will melt when you see the video for yourself.

The video was shared by Maxwell’s father, Michael Cisneros. The two-year-old Maxwell couldn’t stand to be apart from his best friend Finnegan for two days, and they obviously thought that it was far too long a time to spend without your BFF.

People absolutely loved the video, and they made sure to share it with their family and friends: