Toddler Born Without A Hand “Fist Bumps” Football Star With Same Condition In Heartwarming Moment


Joseph Tidd is an 18-month-old boy from Florida that was born without his left hand. He managed to warm the hearts of the internet everywhere around the world after he “fist-bumped” his limb with a football star who suffers from the same condition.

The boy was all smiles when he caught up with Carson Pickett,
a football star that plays for Brisbane Roar in Australia’s W-League and Orlando Pride.

The pair first met in April and became an internet sensation after a photo of them “fist-bumping” after a match went viral this week.

The toddler cheered on his role model Pickett, who was also born without a left forearm from the sidelines, and the heartwarming photo shows the pair raising their arms for the “fist-bump” in a loving embrace.

The photo was first uploaded on Instagram last month by Joseph’s parents, but it was later re-posted by Pickett’s mento Becky Burleigh, and it has since been liked on Twitter more than 40k times.


Thousands of people commented about the beautiful moment, and some even described the photo as a “photo of the century”.
Many others said that they were delighted to see Pickett looking just as excited as the toddler.

Joseph’s father Miles told Fox News that Carson knelt down next to Joseph and showed him her arm, and it was an instant bond that even his parents can’t understand.
Carson believes that she can do anything, and this is the mindset Joseph’s parents want him to have as well.

This is what Pickett said when she first met the little Joseph:

“Soccer means the world to me, but the platform that soccer provides me for things like this takes the cake. Joseph, you’re my new hero for life.”