Trans Man Stopped Hormone Therapy To Get Pregnant And Is Now A ‘Seahorse Dad’


Bennett Kaspar-Williams is a 36-year-old that describes himself as being ‘assigned female’ at birth and spent a decade of his life identifying as a ‘butch lesbian’ before he came out as non-binary trans. He has now told the world that he stopped his testosterone hormone therapy to get pregnant with his husband’s child!

Bennett met his husband Malik Kaspar-Williams back in 2017, three years after taking hormone therapy. The two live in Los Angeles and decided to start a family. Although Bennett has had surgery on the top half of his body, he still hadn’t done the transformation on his private parts, so he decided to put a hold on his hormone treatment to get pregnant.

Thankfully, he fell pregnant, and the two are now expecting their first baby!

Bennett says that he’s now a ‘seahorse dad’, referring to the animal whose males carry the baby.

When Bennett broke the news to his mom, she was shocked, but very excited. He explained that he spent most of his adult life identifying as a lesbian, so when he told his mom that he was a non-binary trans person, she was struggling to grasp what it really meant at first. However, she eventually got it, and she has always been supportive of Bennett. He noted that he came out to her three times: once as a lesbian, once as trans, and once as a gay man, and she’s been proud and supportive every time.


Bennet is due on November 5, and he records his pregnancy on Instagram. Speaking about the pregnancy, he says that he calls himself a ‘seahorse dad’, and he avoided a lot of uncomfortable situations because of lockdown and social distancing.

The pregnancy has been pretty normal so far, there have been no complications, and Bennett makes sure to update his Instagram followers about all the milestones.

“The response has been super positive. I use the term ‘seahorse dad’ as a way for other trans people to find me and see that they can have a family of their own, too.” – he concludes.