Trans Student Will Receive $1.3 Million After Suing School For Refusing Him Bathroom Access


Gavin Grimm is a 22-year-old trans person that is about to receive $1.3 million in payouts after they sued the Gloucester County School board in 2015 for denying him access to the boys’ bathroom.

Grimm argued that the board had violated policy Title IX, which bans discrimination in school based on gender after he was prohibited from accessing the bathroom that matched his gender identity.

The court has now ruled in his favor, and this is what Grimm told Insider:

It’s absolutely vindication. The court found that what they did was wrong and it was discrimination and it was not going to go without consequence, and I think that’s fantastic.


The Supreme Court refused to review the case back in June and agreed with the lower court ruling which found that Grimm was discriminated against. He was represented by The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) in the lawsuit.

Grimm won’t be getting the large pay-out himself, though, as it’s believed that the money will be going to the ACLU in compensation for the work it did.

Source: Unilad