Trans Teen Becomes The First-Ever Female Eagle Scout At Boy Scouts of America


Beatrix Jackman is a 19-year-old trans teen from Austin, Texas, that recently made history when she joined the ranks of the Scouts BSA’s inaugural female Eagle Scouts. She was surprised with her hard-earned certificate, medal, and everything that goes with it after she passed her board of review earlier this month and received all the ‘goodies’ by Charles mead of the Capitol Area Council, Boy Scouts of America.

Ever since Beatrix came out as trans, she’s been working closely with the largest organization for LGBTQ+ people and their families, PFLAG, and she earned the rank of Eagle Scout by focusing her service project on supporting PFLAG Austin by creating, sourcing, and distributing self-care kits.

Anna Nguyen, the president of PFLAG Austin said in a press release that they’re very proud to have been a part of Ms. Jackman’s journey, and they’re happy to have assisted her in her challenge of becoming one of the first female Eagle Scouts.

Beatrix and her mom came to the PFLAG support groups when she first came out, and they found a supportive, empowering, and comforting environment there – just like any all the other families.
Through her Eagle project, Beatrix has given back to help other feel supported too.

Beatrix had to go through a long and emotionally challenging journey to get to this point. She had to leave Scouting for a few years after she came out in middle school, despite being a scout for most of her life. She loved scouting, but she was afraid of telling her troop – and it was the last place where her mom called her her birth name.

The leadership told her that she could stay, but she would have to present male and be called by her birth name – something she hated to the guts. Or, she could do lone scouting, where she did everything on her own. Or quit.

At the time, she chose to leave scouting. Fortunately, she came back to it a few years later, when the organization revised its membership policy in 2019 to allow girls to join for the first time ever. It was very important for her to finish her journey, and the troop she joined in 2019 was very accepting and helpful. Thankfully, she completed her path to Eagle Scout, and many people in the Scouting community helped her and gave her advice.