Tropical Storm Karen Is About To Hit, And “She Wants To Talk To The Manager”


The National Hurricane Center announced on September 22, 2019 that Tropical Storm Karen was forming in the Atlantic Ocean, and the storm is approaching the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico as of today. Forecasters have warned citizens to expect heavy rain, strong winds, and possible flooding. However, the governing body that names these storms settled on a name that is a white baby boomer in America with a proclivity for complaining at chain restaurants.

When people saw that the name “Karen” was trending on Twitter, nobody realized that it was referring to a storm, and instead thought that the usual has happened: A lady named Karen went viral on the internet for causing a massive scene at an Applebees.

When you write “Karen” on the Urban Dictionary, it refers to a “44-year-old mother of three, blonde, owns a Volvo, annoying as hell, wears acrylics 24/7, and is currently at your workplace, speaking to your manager”.

Karens are a cultural lightning rod, and there’s even a subreddit dedicated to people sharing their experiences with Karens in real life.

Expectedly, the internet saw the name trending, and it was like the memes wrote themselves…

Obviously, Tropical Storm Karen is expected to Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands today and it’s a very serious and potentially very dangerous situation. However, it seems like people are trying to find some levity in the darkness, and we have to admit that the memes are brilliant.