A True Story – My True Story 


Hello, it would be awesome if you could post this on your page. This is a true story – my true story.


By: Katy Moorhouse


This one time I went away

Didn’t know it was to be his prey

He flew me out there

It was meant to be a holiday

He was the stereotypical, American white man

Rich, greedy, perverted, American white man

That role model boy

Who flew me over to be his toy

And my life, he would almost destroy

I was only sixteen

Why did he pick me?

But when he raped me

He didn’t just shame me

But most of my family turned their backs on me

I don’t mean my Mum Dad or brother

The extended family like cousins, aunts and uncles

His father and mother

A few friends found out and didn’t believe me

‘She probably asked for it’

‘Regretted it’

‘Or had a bad dream and tried to make a story of it’

His parents offered me money

To shut me up

They didn’t want their golden boy to get locked up

Even though the crime he did

Was so messed up

So his father threatened to file for harassment

If me and my parents carried on pressing the ‘issue’

I’d end up being the one,

Put on trial

Because in America

Men like him don’t get put on file

The system failed me

In pure denial

That a rich white man

Would drug and rape his little cousin

But it happened

I’ll tell you now

It really fucking happened

I can’t go into detail

But the system I said a fail

And my rapist walks free

Probably forgotten what he done to me

On the twenty seventh of July

Two thousand and twelve

My perspective of men changed forever

And I wish I could undo it

But I can’t

Not ever.


– By Katy Moorhouse

Submitted to Women’s Rights News By Katy Moorhouse

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