Trump Called Out For Goofing Around During National Anthem At Sunday’s Super Bowl


Hypocrisy, thy name is Trump.

President Donald Trump has been very clear about his opinion on any protests that have come up against inequality about race, injustice about race, and police mistreatment of people of different races.

However, a video on Twitter that features Trump’s performance as Demi Lovato sang the national anthem during Sunday’s Super Bowl is rather embarrassing, and you’ll see why.

You see, Trump did not attend the game in Miami, and he spent the time paying international customers in Palm Beach, Florida. One of the people willing to pay to spend time with the President has released a video of what Trump was doing during the anthem on Sunday, and the video was initially posted on Instagram.


The video moved to Twitter from there, and we can see First Lady Melania Trump standing still with her hand on her heart while Trump looks like a hyperactive toddler.

The video, expectedly, went viral, and this is what people had to say about it: