TSA Agent Commented On Woman Not Wearing A Bra, And She Came Back With The Perfect Response


Most people find going to the airport annoying, as it involves many things one may hate: long lines, anxiety about paperwork, removing your shoes, getting checked by the airport security, $10 coffee..

However, there’s nothing more annoying when going to the airport than encountering a creepy TSA agent.

Twitter user @loookatmeimkiad claims that she was just walking through her flight in a shirt, and she wasn’t wearing a bra.
As far as I know, bras are not mandated by the government (not yet), and many women prefer not to wear them.


However, just as she passed through security, a TSA agent noticed she wasn’t wearing a bra and commented: “You’re really cold, huh?”

Check out the tweet she shared below:

Even though this agent deserved to get reported, she chose not to do it. However, her response was spot on! Maybe she should have reported him, though, as many men in the comments didn’t believe the story to be true: