TV Reporter Brilliantly Responds To Soccer Fans Chanting “Get Your Breasts Out”


Diletta Leotta is a highly successful and accomplished woman, and she has an impressive career in sports journalism.
Even though, the 28-year-old Italian presenter had to deal with a fair share of sexism, and it’s a truly frustrating issue in an industry where women are still very much in the minority.
At a recent soccer match at the Stadio San Paolo, Leotta was forced to deal with crowds chanting at her to take her top off.

I mean, I really can’t understand why some people think that it’s acceptable to yell inappropriate comments at women.

The former weather present, who, by the way, has over 4.6 million Instagram followers, was welcomed by inappropriate shouts from the crowds at the Stadio San Paolo while preparing to cover Napoli’s game against Brescia. The fans were chanting “fuori le tette”, which translates to “get your breasts out”.


Leotta was confidently smiling at the chanting crowd, before wagging her finger and giving them a very, very firm thumbs down. The fans were thrilled by her reaction, and they were laughing enthusiastically at her reaction.

Many people applauded Leotta’s response, and they admired how she showed a very witty and brave attitude during an intimidating situation.

Check out the video for yourself below:

Leotta has since become an internet sensation, and millions of people around the world have seen the video and commended her for staying strong and addressing the issue.