Twitch Streamer Plays Along When Woman Who Was Being Followed Acts Like She’s His Friend


Twitch streamer jakenbakelive was streaming live on the street when he was suddenly joined by a stranger. He quickly realized that she joined him because he was trying to escape from a man that had been following her, and she didn’t know him.
Thankfully, the streamer kept the woman close to him and continued talking as the strange man was looking for her in the background.
Even though the incident took place a few years ago, it resurfaced on Reddit in recent months, and people loved Jake’s response as well as the woman’s quick thinking.


Jake recalled the moment and said that he was glad he was in the right place at the right time.

Check out the video for yourself below:

Redditors praised the woman for being clever and alert, and some added their own similar stories of times when they either had to ‘save’ women from men that have been following them or had to ask other people to protect them when being followed.

Source: LADBible