Twitter is Dragging This Photographer for Creating a Fake Black Model


A 28-year-old-self-taught British photographer named Cameron-James Wilson has created an absolutely gorgeous Instagram model Shudu Gram. Even though everyone praises this stunning dark-skinned model, there is one thing – she doesn’t exist. Being a digital artist that Wilson is, he managed to create a lifelike model that embodies his idea of beauty. As Wilson says himself, “Shudu represents what I’ve always seen as beautiful, but something I don’t see often enough. Although there’s a slight change happening now, more people need to question, what really is beautiful.”

His message of empowerment hasn’t been accepted by everyone, some people online have blamed Wilson for spreading racism and misogyny by saying that he should hire a real dark-skinned model and pay her instead of creating a surreal one.

According to him, ”The point is really that I’m doing something I love. I love technology, Sci-fi films, gaming, CGI movies like Final Fantasy, Shudu is just everything I’m passionate about brought together. She embodies the best parts of the things that inspire me”.