Twitter Mansplains Why Olympic Gold Medalist Shooter’s Stance Is Wrong


Vitalina Batsarashkina is the 24-year-old Russian sports shooter who won the gold medal in the Tokyo Olympics. However, the whole world was fascinated by her calm stance that she showed in the competition.

Her stance, though, started a heated debate on Twitter. Namely, Twitter user @Blankzilla shared a photo of Vitalina during the game, in which she expressed how impressed she was at how calmly Vitalina stands with the gun in one hand, and the other one in her pocket. Rather expectedly, a bunch of know-it-alls took it upon themselves to chime in in the comments and tell the athlete how her stance should be. Yes, a bunch of unnamed dudes who sit in their sofas commented how Vitalina’s stance, an Olympic gold medalist, was wrong.


The mansplainers were on fire, but thankfully, they were soon shut down by other experienced shooters and fellow sportsmen.

Twitter soon started mansplaining how her stance was wrong:

Thankfully, a few experts in the field chimed in and shared why her stance is actually ideal:

Source: Bored Panda