Two Teachers Took Advantage Of A 15-Year-Old Blind Schoolgirl Over A Two Month Period


Two teachers, aged 62 and 30, have been accused of taking advantage of 15-year-old blind girl over a two month period in a school for children with disabilities in India.

The 62-year-old Chaman Thakor and the 30-year-old Jayanti Thakor allegedly took advantage of the 15-year-old girl in the school’s music room.

The string of incidents were only revealed after the girl’s family became suspicious when the girl was to return to the boarding school in Ambaji, Gujarat, after the vacation last month. The girl broke down and told her aunt what was happening, explaining her ordeal at the hands of the two teachers.

The girl’s aunt contacted the police and told them the details. The girl was first taken advantage of in the music room by the 30-year-old Chaman Thakor two months ago, and the older man, Jayanti Thakor, 62, then allegedly took advantage of the girl three days later. There was one more instance of the incident by the older Thakor on the day before the Indian festival.

It remains unknown if the two men are in familial connection. The girl was enrolled in the school in July to study music, and in addition to the chosen courses of study, the school also offers vocational training for people with disabilities.
It has been reported by the Times of India that the two men had fled after they were discovered, and the police added that a manhunt is underway for the two Thakors. The two were immediately fired by the school management.