Unhealthy Work Habits Drag Young People Down, And Woman Exposed All The Problems


The fast-paced age of technology has seen many new faces. There are all the hustlers, the entrepreneur-wannabes, the grinders, the go-getters, you name it. With everything changing up so quickly, one has to be one step ahead of everyone at all times.

Yes – life is hard. Yes – you have to grind in every area if you want things to happen. Things will happen, but there’s no easy way around it. As Elon Musk once said, nobody ever changed the world on 40 hours a week.

However, some people are just tired of this hustling culture we live in, and she took it to Twitter to share her opinion on it. The thread has now gone viral, and in it she questions the ‘hustling culture’. She also encourages young people to reevaluate their choices when it comes to working.

This is how people reacted to the thread: