Vegan Bride Bans All Her Carnivorous Friends and Family From Coming to Her Wedding


The unnamed bride posted her story on a Facebook page called ‘VEGAN REVOLUTION’, where she confirmed that her family had been uninvited as she and her husband didn’t want to host ‘murderers’.

The post was then shared on the insanepeoplefacebook subreddit with the user Gelatin-MonKey adding that the bridal party had also been banned from the event.

Another Reddit user named Lockraemono then shared numerous screenshots from the Facebook post which had seemingly attracted a lot of attention.

This reportedly came from one of the uninvited bridesmaids.

The bride then allegedly added an update to the post where she admitted that she was shocked by the responses she had received from what she presumed were like-minded people.

However, the updated didn’t go down so well as people continued to question her decision and asked why she felt it was appropriate to call her own family ‘murderers’.
The bride clearly didn’t get the message and continued to hammer home her point.